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Agel Products Agel EXO - antioxidant gel Agel HRT - Heart Health Agel FLX - joint lubrication and repair Agel UMI with fucoidan, brown seaweed Agel GLO - Beauty from the inside out Agel FIT - natural appetite suppressant Agel OHM - natural energy Agel MIN - vitamins & minerals in a gel Agel GRN - Cleanse and Detoxify Your Body Agel Skin Care System with EXO's Antioxidant Power - Ageless. Welcome to Shai & Yaffa Samuel's website!

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Agel Products

Agel has applied revolutionary, patent-pending technology to the delivery of nutritional supplements.  Gel-based nutritionals are convenient and effective.  And Agel made them taste great!

There are three important factors that make nutritional supplements effective:
  • the proper timing of ingestion,
  • the correct quantity of each nutritional component,
  • and the bioavailability of the nutrients.
The convenience of the portable gel packs helps with proper timing for taking the supplements with meals, which enhances the bioavailability (absorption and utilization) of each nutrient.  Agel's supplements are formulated to contain physiologically appropriate quantities of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

And, using gel technology, the nutrients are highly bioavailable - they are readily absorbed into your body.  Before gel supplements, individuals relied on less effective tablet, capsule, and liquid forms of nutritional supplements.

Article:  The Concepts Behind the Agel Products
Article:  Suspension Gel Technology
Article:  Agel's Professional Advisory Board
Audio:  Agel Products By Dr. Todd Nilson  (12 min - MP3)
Article:  Agel Products By Dr. Todd Nilson  (transcript)

Our Modern Diet

Randy Gage - Our Health Our modern diet is far from the nutritious "all-natural" foods of our ancestors. We eat processed foods made from processed foods. The first round of processing removes most of the nutrients our bodies need. The second round of processing often ads harmful amounts of "empty calories" - mostly fats and sugars that are bad for our body. Agel gel products are designed to provide, replace, and replenish the nourishment missing in our diets.

Video:  The Need For Agel Products by Randy Gage
  (5 min - Broadband)
Video:  The Need For Agel Products by Randy Gage
  (5 min - Dial-Up)

Agel's Scientific Advisory Board

Watch this 22 minute video with the Agel Scientific Advisory Board describing the science and technology behind Agel's product line.

 Audio Only:  

More Product Information

Article:  Product Testimonials
Article:  Product Serving Suggestions
Article:  Frequently Asked Product Questions (FAQs)

Agel Gel Packs

Agel Core - Nutrition - General Health
EXOAmazing Antioxidants
MINEffective Vitamins & Minerals
UMIFucoidan for Immune System Health

Agel Active - Wellness - Support and Maintain Health
FITAppetite Suppressant & Weight Management
OHMEnergy & Mental Focus

Agel Thrive - Gelceuticals - Targeted Nutrition
FLXJoint Flexibility & Mobility
HRTPromote Heart Health
GRNCleanse and Detoxify Your Body

Agel Body - Skin Care - Inside and Out
GLOSkin Nutrition

Agel Gel Strips - Nutrition at the speed of life.
HISPerformance enhancement for men
REMCalm, serene, tranquility

Agel EXO-Based Skin Care Line

Agel Antioxidant Skin Care System - Ageless You are not just skin deep, but your skin is your first impression. The way you look is largely determined by its tone, appearance, and healthiness. By harnessing the anti-aging and antioxidant power of EXO, Ageless gives your skin the nourishment it needs to maintain a more youthful appearance. So you can put your best face forward.

More about the Ageless Skin Care line...

Agel GLO - Skin care starts on the inside.

Agel GLO Internal Skin Care System GLO was conceptualized to offer a specifically formulated product that will give your body the nutritional needs to reflect your health and beauty from the inside out. In conjunction with the Agel Body line, your body will obtain ingredients carefully researched and studied to bring the beauty care and nutrition to a full circle. With revolutionary ingredients like Turmeric and Acerola Cherry, GLO is all natural and provides protection from harsh chemicals, long term effects from the sun, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots and also evens out skin complexion.

More about the Agel GLO...

Agel Nutritional Gels

Agel EXO - Over 200 different antioxidants. Agel EXO - The Antioxidant Bio-Shield™

Agel EXO is a proprietary formulation of 17 different and unique fruit botanicals. Whole-fruit purees and extracts are loaded with antioxidants. Scientific literature suggests that a having variety of antioxidants is much better than taking high doses of just one or two different antioxidants.

This unique formulation consists of potent botanicals that when tested separately have been found to contain very high antioxidant capacities. Because EXO is a highly concentrated gel made up of not just one, but all 17 of these antioxidant-rich fruits, the efficacy, bioavailability, and absorption of these essential compounds is assured.

More about EXO...

Agel MIN - Stamina and energy from vitamins & minerals. Agel MIN - The "Vitamineral" Power Pack

Agel MIN is a proprietary formulation of vitamins and minerals that provides 100% of the RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) of almost all the essential vitamins and as much as 50% of the RDI of most of the essential minerals. More importantly, the bioavailability of these vitamins and minerals is drastically enhanced due to the revolutionary gel technology employed in the MIN formulation.

The vitamins and minerals are either dissolved or suspended in the gel, resulting in immediate availability for absorption by the digestive tract.

More about MIN...

Agel Wellness Gels

Agel FIT - Appetite Suppressant, Prevent Fat, Burn Fat. Agel FIT - The FIT Way to Burn Fat!

Agel FIT is a proprietary formulation that can help play a role in the frustrating struggle of weight control, without the harmful effects of stimulants. FIT contains an active ingredient called Super CitriMax™, the patent pending form of HCA (hydroxycitric acid), which comes from the extract of the fruit and rind of Garcinia combogia.

HCA has been shown in clinical trials to decrease body weight by reducing appetite and inhibiting fat synthesis without stimulating the central nervous system. HCA potency, bioavailability, timing of ingestion, and dosage are the essential requirements for optimal weight control results.

More about FIT...

Agel OHM - Energy, Mental Focus and Clarity Agel OHM - When You Want a Power Boost

Agel OHM, is a blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbs that complements a proper diet and regular exercise to provide the "extra energy" required to meet every day demands, without the effects of chemical stimulants. Its B vitamins act as coenzymes and facilitate the metabolic processes required for the breakdown of carbohydrates into energy.

OHM's Panax Ginseng has been shown to be associated with antioxidant properties and an increase in the resistance against stressful influences, while providing possible beneficial effects on motor performance, cognitive behavior, and overall quality of life.

More about OHM...

Agel UMI - Focoidan immune system boosters and antioxidants. Agel UMI - Fucoidan Immune Booster

Agel UMI offers a vast array of health benefits that have only really been appreciated by coastal communities with abundant access to brown seaweed. The active ingredient in UMI is Fucoidan, which is a component of brown seaweed. For centuries, brown seaweed has been considered a natural source of healthy food and nutrition.

But, it has only been recently that further research has identified Fucoidan, a sulfated polysaccharide, as the true source of the health and wellness benefits of this oceanic wonder. As an antioxidant, fucoidan has piqued the interest of many scientists and researchers as one of the ocean’s greatest treasures. However, as scientists have continued to explore this complex molecule, more and more of its health benefits have been identified.

More about UMI...

Agel Gelceuticals

Agel FLX - Chondroitin, Glucosamine, MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane) , Celadrin®, Joint Pain, Osteoarthritis, Joint Inflammation. Agel FLX - Joint Flexibility & Mobility

Agel FLX was formulated to take advantage of 4 fantastic ingredients (Chondroitin, Glucosamine, MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane) , Celadrin®) that have all been found to be very beneficial in the maintenance of healthy joints and maximum flexibility. This formulation is a first, not only because it contains all 4 ingredients, but also because it is delivered in a gel suspension, a remarkable innovation by itself.

Joint pain and immobility associated with osteoarthritis are a problem that is increasing around the world. Tens of millions of people in the United States alone are forced to limit their activity and therefore have a hindered lifestyle as a result of poor joint health. As our population continues to age, this problem will continue to increase and therefore, so will the need to alleviate the cause and the symptoms of this painful and debilitating condition.

More about FLX...

Agel HTR - Oyster Mushroom Powder, Taurine, L-Carnitine, Coenzyme Q10, Policosanol. Agel HRT - Heart Health

Agel HRT puts your heart in the right place. A well-functioning heart is essential for good health, and the unique blend of nutrients in HRT can help you achieve the best heart possible. This scientifically formulated and technologically advanced gel is designed specifically to help protect your heart, fuel your myocardial system, and maintain already healthy levels of cholesterol.

HRT can help you maintain existing normal cholesterol levels. The good news is that, in conjunction with diet and exercise, HRT can help you maintain cholesterol levels already within the normal range.

More about HRT...

Agel GRN - Cleanse and Detoxify Your Body Agel GRN - Cleanse and Detoxify Your Body

It's simple to clean your outside but not so easy to cleanse your inside. With Agel's new GRN, it just got a whole lot easier. GRN's powerful formulation helps cleanse the digestive system by stimulating the digestive track and supporting the healthy bacteria already at work inside you.

Detoxify with GRN.
Our bodies absorb all kinds of things: some good for us, some not. GRN was specifically formulated with some of the most powerful phytonutrients such as spirulina and chlorophyll to nourish and detoxify your body.

GRN keeps you on the move.
With its powerful blend of phytonutrients, GRN keeps the digestive track moving. Whole food fibrous particles stimulate peristalsis, the muscle motion that moves food from one stage to the next. Phytonutrients feed, detoxify, cleanse and nourish the digestive track.

More about GRN...

Agel Gel Strips - Nutrition at the speed of life.

When you need it now, why wait? Agel has pioneered a new form of supplement deliver in Gel Strips that give you what you need now. These new fast acting strips quickly dissolve to form a powerful dose of Suspension Gel. This quick and easy deliver system has many advantages over traditional forms such as ingestible tablets, chewable tablets, orally dissolving tablets or softgels. The delivery of a supplement via Gel Strips has the potential to improve the onset of action, lower the dosing, and enhance the efficacy and safety of the supplement. Bottom line, Gel Strips work better and faster.

  • Gel Strips are more stable, durable and quicker dissolving than other conventional supplement forms.
  • Gel Strips enable improved dosing accuracy relative to liquid forms since every strip is manufactured to contain a precise amount.
  • Gel Strips not only ensure more accurate administration of supplements but also can improve compliance due to the intuitive nature of the dosage form and its inherent ease of administration.
  • Gel Strips’ ability to dissolve rapidly without the need for water provides an alternative to individuals with difficulty swallowing pills or softgels.
  • Gel Strips deliver a convenient, quick-dissolving dose that rapidly absorbs to ensure compliance.

Agel HIS - Performance enhancement for men Agel HIS - Performance enhancement for men

In today's fast paced go go go society stress and other factors can take a toll on our ability to perform at work, at play or even intimate situations. Get back in the game with Agel HIS.

HIS uses Yohimbine to give you that extra boost of energy and vitality needed to perform at your best. Combined with the gel strip delivery system HIS is always ready when you are.
  • Support of the Blood Vessels Involved with Sexual Performance
  • Targeted Nutraceuticals that the Body Uses to Generate Desire and Drive
  • Traditional Botanical to Promote Sexual Energy

Agel REM - Calm, serene, tranquility Agel REM - Calm, serene, tranquility

Those who are sleep deprived miss more work, family time and leisure time than those who sleep soundly. Don't miss out anymore. With Agel REM you can reset your sleep patterns and get back in the habit of sleeping soundly; awaking in the morning feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

Agel REM's key ingredient is Melatonin, a hormone created by the pineal gland which assist your sleep/wake cycle. With a single Gel Strip REM delivers 1 mg of melatonin and can help you reset, renew and re-embrace life. Inspired by the natural rhythm of life, REM is an excellent option for those experiencing occasional sleeplessness, jet lag, or those wanting to improve the quality of their rest.
  • Promotes natural sleep
  • Helps establish normal sleep patterns
Uses: to help relieve occasional sleeplessness

Directions: place one to two gel strips on tongue 1 hour before desired rest time.

Other Product Information

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