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Agel Products Agel EXO - antioxidant gel Agel HRT - Heart Health Agel FLX - joint lubrication and repair Agel UMI with fucoidan, brown seaweed Agel GLO - Beauty from the inside out Agel FIT - natural appetite suppressant Agel OHM - natural energy Agel MIN - vitamins & minerals in a gel Agel GRN - Cleanse and Detoxify Your Body Agel Skin Care System with EXO's Antioxidant Power - Ageless. Welcome to Shai & Yaffa Samuel's website!

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WhyAgel World Team

WhyAgel World Team is one of the fastest growing groups in Agel with global business exploding all over the world!

The WhyAgel World Team Leaders also support the the web site - the best Agel site in the world!

As a member of the WhyAgel Team you can leverage their time, talents and knowledge. Three-way calls, conference calls, web calls, marketing materials, and answers to any question you can think of are all at your fingertips through WhyAgel's dedicated, professional leaders.

World Team Leaders:

 Leader - Shai & Yaffa Samuel

Shai & Yaffa Samuel

 Leader - Laura Morris

Laura Morris

 Leader - Julie A. Allan

Julie A. Allan

 Leader - wellnessart


 Leader - Gabor Venczel

Gabor Venczel

 Leader - Andrej Bohinc

Andrej Bohinc

 Leader - Todd Watson

Todd Watson

 Leader - Luka Repovš

Luka Repovš

Agel World Teams By Continent:





North America

South America

WhyAgel Executive Council:

Agel World Team - Chris SorensenChris Sorensen Agel World Team Chris Sorensen
Chris' Story
Agel World Team - Ann & David FeinsteinAgel World Team Ann & David Feinstein
Ann & David's Story

Start a WhyAgel Team in your country!

Although Agel may not currently be licensed to sell product in your country, you can begin to build your Agel business by organizing and signing up team members.

The WhyAgel Team will support your efforts by sending free samples, marketing materinals and helping you arrange local meetings. We can also have a Agel Corporate representative at meetings of 50 or more people.

Don't hesitate to begin your business today. You can be the first in your country or region.

* Although we can't guarantee that Agel will open in your country get a jump on the competition by pre-enrolling today!

Contact one of the WhyAgel World Team leaders today!

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WhyAgel World Teams:

  World Team Leaders

Agel is doing business in:

Australia - Agel World Team Austria - Agel World Team Belgium - Agel World Team Bermuda - Agel World Team Brazil - Agel World Team
Brunei - Agel World Team Canada - Agel World Team China - Agel World Team Colombia - Agel World Team Cyprus - Agel World Team
Czech Republic - Agel World Team Denmark - Agel World Team Estonia - Agel World Team Finland - Agel World Team France - Agel World Team
Germany - Agel World Team Hong Kong - Agel World Team Hungary - Agel World Team Iceland - Agel World Team India - Agel World Team
Indonesia - Agel World Team Ireland - Agel World Team Israel - Agel World Team Italy - Agel World Team Japan - Agel World Team
Kazakhstan - Agel World Team Latvia - Agel World Team Lithuania - Agel World Team Luxembourg - Agel World Team Macau - Agel World Team
Malaysia - Agel World Team Malta - Agel World Team Mexico - Agel World Team Netherlands - Agel World Team New Zealand - Agel World Team
Nigeria - Agel World Team Norway - Agel World Team Peru - Agel World Team Philippines - Agel World Team Poland - Agel World Team
Portugal - Agel World Team Romania - Agel World Team Russian Federation - Agel World Team Singapore - Agel World Team Slovakia - Agel World Team
Slovenia - Agel World Team South Africa - Agel World Team South Korea - Agel World Team Spain - Agel World Team Sri Lanka - Agel World Team
Sweden - Agel World Team Switzerland - Agel World Team Taiwan - Agel World Team Thailand - Agel World Team Turkey - Agel World Team
Ukraine - Agel World Team United Kingdom - Agel World Team United States - Agel World Team Vietnam - Agel World Team



WhyAgel is accepting applications for Pre-Enrollment Leadership Positions in:



Your Country Not Here?

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Page Topic:  Agel World Team

Summary:  Agel World Team - WhyAgel Team is one of the fastest growing groups in Agel. Build your global business with the support of an international group with world-wide resources. Plus world-class Internet marketing and presentation support. Your success is our success. The Agel gel-based health products have universal appeal and the network marketing opportunity can help you establish not just a home-based business, but a global business!

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